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TEAM MEMBERS - Current and past

Swavek Zdzieszynski runs the X-ray lab
Jim Thiebaud runs the spectroscopy and mechanical properties labs
Fran Williams runs the electrical properties labs

Postdoctoral scholars

Robert Koch (Brookhaven National Lab), Jian Liu (DOE NETL), Dariush Montasserasdi (Ohio Dominican University), Tongan Jin (PNNL), Indunil Nishantha (unknown), Abhijit Pramanick (City University Hong Kong), James Ovenstone (Vesuvius); Michael Dolan (CSIRO, Brisbane); Manuela Eber (currently in Germany) and Nick Armstrong (U. Technology, Sydney).

Graduate Students (in alphabetical order)

Peter Sowinski (Corning), Tyler Gubb (Prismatik Dentalcraft), Kyle McDevitt (U.C. Irvine), Victoria Blair (ARL), Andrew Crawford (Saint Gobain), Maddi Flint (current), Katelyn Glass (unknown), Michael Haluska (NJ Public Schools), Steve Harvey (DOE), Everton Henriques (NJ public schools), Trevyn Hey (current), Brenden Hill (Greatbatch), Hiayan Huang (unknown), Bo Jiang (ETH Zurich), Hyun-Joon Kim (Seoul National University), Matthias Kolb (unknown), Yuandan Liu (unknown), Alec Ladonis (current), Brian Luisi (Vertex Pharmaceuticals), Peter Metz (current), Michelene Miller (Excelerant Ceramics), Viral Modi (Saint Gobain), Mark Naylor (Heraeus), Tim Nedimyer (Saint Gobain), Eric Nichols (Corning), Edward Ordway (Owens Corning), Justin Packard (Saint Gobain), Myles Peterson (GE), Christopher Say (Saint Gobain), David Seymour (unknown), Meredith Shi (Rigaku), Scott Speakman (Panalytical), Jeff White (Saint Gobain).

Undergraduate Students

Well, too many to list here, but at least 2 per summer working as research assistants and typically one each semester, working 3-10 hours per week. In addition, Misture's group has worked with senior thesis students every semester, typically 2-3 each semester.

We are always looking for new talent, please feel free to contact Dr. Misture any time.

Research Topics - federal, state and industry funding

Misture’s group studies ceramics with electrical and electrochemical function

Characterization is the centerpiece of our work (high temperature and in-situ)

We do extensive work with industry

Applications of interest include charge storage (batteries and pseudocapacitors), photocatalysts, high temperature oxygen and fuel catalysts, and ionic/mixed conductors – including those with hierarchical porosity.
With a focus on materials characterization, Misture’s group seeks to unravel the complex interplay of bulk properties (as in the bulk of a grain in a polycrystalline body), grain boundary effects, and the key roles of disorder and defects. Indeed, correlated disorder is of key interest in describing complex properties.

We rely on in-situ and in-operando studies to a large extent. That means we measure responses of materials under operating or non-ambient conditions, including at high temperature and under controlled gasses, with applied electric field or light irradiation, or even in electrochemical cells. We apply X-Ray diffraction, Raman and IR spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy, primarily.
In addition, we often seek improved understanding of materials via the use of synchrotron and/or neutron sources. Misture’s group travels to the various federally-funded user facilities to perform these advanced characterization measurements.

Misture’s group runs many of the high temperature materials characterization and properties measurements labs, which can also be used in many cases to rapidly and efficiently solve industrial problems. We’re happy to work with industry on both short- and long-term projects.