Safety Data Sheets
Access MSDS Online

Instructions: Click on the Locations tab and the ensuing page will list all locations throughout the Alfred University campus which house chemicals or products requiring a Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Scroll through the page until you reach the location you are interested in; click on that location and an inventory of all SDS's for products will be listed alphabetically by the product name. Click on the suitable SDS *.PDF file icon, the SDS will load for reading or printing. Note: *.PDF files are opened using the Adobe Acrobat Reader free software available from Note: Only Site Administrators may click on the Login link located on the upper left section of the opening page, contact the EHS Technician (x2196) for information pertaining to Site Administrators. Site Administrators are assigned by department/division or laboratory supervisors and those supervisors are responsible for notifying EHS of Site Administrator changes.