Trees and Shrubs of Allegany County, NY

This tree and shrub identification guide was developed for the residents of Allegany County.

You should be proud of the natural resources in your county. The plant life in paticular is diverse and worth your attention.


How to Use This Guide

This guide is laid out with choices on each page based on characteristics of the tree that you want to identify.

The descriptions are accompanied by images or illustrations.

Click on the description that best fits your tree and you will be taken to the next choice or to a tree.

Most ornamental species have not been included in this key.

The first choice is the type of leaf...

Needles or Scales or Broad leaves

If you would like a .pdf version of this key (without the pictures) click here.

A list of species in this key is here.

All of the images and illustrations in this guide have been prepared by me. If you use them for educational or purposes please give me the proper credits. If you want to use them for professional purposes please contact me.


Cheryld Emmons