Book Release Reception

Book Reception

Under the great joint effort of Professor Rosiczkowski, Chair of Mechanical Engineering, Rosalie DiRaimondo and Marcy Bradley, a book reception for Dr. Jinghong Fan's book "Multiscale Analysis of Deformation and Failure of Materials" was held Tuesday, February 8th from 11:30-1:00pm at the Alfred University Bookstore. Dean Doreen Edwards of the Inamori School of Engineering (SOE), professors from SOE, the Department of Physics, Business colleages, Scholes library, graduate students, and undergraduate students who have used the draft of the book in 2010 and the newly released book attended this reception. Students and a distance learning student from Corning Inc. who are now taking Dr. Fan's course "Mechanics of Materials" also attended this reception. The following 21 pictures show the happy activity at the reception.

Book Reception was held at the Alfred University Bookstore for Dr. Jinghong Fan's book of "Multiscale Analysis of Deformation and Failure of Materials" on February, 2011.
On the right behind Dr. Fan is the book and the book's website on the computer screen.

Prof. Rosiczkowski and his students looking at the Multiscale book at the reception. Standing on the right is Mrs. P. LaCourse, a librarian at AU's Scholes library.

Dean Doreen Edwards (the second left), Prof. W. Huang (middle) and Prof. J. Rosiczkowski (right) joined this reception.

Jinghong Fan introduces the book and its website to Prof. James Varner.

Graduate students Long He (left) anf Ross J. Stewart (right) who used the multiscale book.

Graduate student Ross J. Stewart explained the functions of the book's website to Dean Doreen Edwards.

Jinghong Fan with Nicholas Munch who took the multiscale class in 2010

Jinghong Fan with Professor R. Loucks of the Physics Department.

Undergraduate students who used the book in the spring semester 2011, joined the reception.
From the left to the right, David Hensel, James Donovan, Jinghong Fan, John Hanks and Joseph Bosco.

The same as before.

Jinghong Fan with Professor Alex Claire.

Jinghong Fan signed the book for students. (left, Miss Long He)

Jinghong Fan with softmore students who took Mechanics of Materials, at the book reception.

Jinghong Fan with collegues: J. Rosiczkowski, (me), and W. Huang (Business collegue, right).

Jinghong Fan with Ashley Porter, a distance learning student working at Corning Incorporated.

Jinghong Fan with librarians Mrs. P. LaCourse (right) and Ms. Beverly Cowell (left).

Jinghong Fan with John Hanks, a junior student from California taking the Multiscale course.

with Michael Yeckinevich, a senior student who took the multiscale course in 2010.

with David parker, a senior student who took the multiscale course in 2010.

more signatures for student's book.